Upcoming Intensive Study Group

by Peter Carlson on February 11, 2017

Peter has been facilitating an 8-week intensive study group for several years.  The intention during the group is to cultivate a regular daily 45-minute meditation discipline and develop ways to integrate the benefits from this practice into daily life routines.

The meetings are in Peter’s home office at the same address as the regular Orlando Insight Meditation Group meetings in Winter Park.  The format is similar to a seminar, with Peter in dialogue with each participant followed by general group discussion of the practice points emerging from the exchange.

The meetings are from 7:30-9 PM Tuesdays.  Participation is limited to 6 persons, and the fee is $160 for the course, payable to Peter, in a lump sum or incrementally. There are currently 3 committed members.

Peter will be gone during the month of March for an intensive residential retreat at the Forest Refuge in Massachusetts, and the group will begin in April as soon as there are 6 committed participants.

Email Peter for more information or to enroll.

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