This course is an introduction to mindfulness and concentration practices that support meditation. The meditation method we use is called Insight Meditation, and instruction is based on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness. These practices support increasing emotional calmness and lowering stress reactivity. Throughout the four sessions, participants will learn concrete techniques for:

  • How to hold the body
  • How to breathe
  • How to focus the mind 
  • How to release unbeneficial thoughts
  • How to relax tension in the mind and body
  • How to observe the movements of the mind

These skills can are cultivated, and in doing so, you will achieve moments of clarity, equanimity, and joy. Meditation is a practice that anyone can learn and improve skill and positive results. It just takes some knowledge and a desire to establish this life practice.

This is a beginners’ class so we welcome people who have no experience and want to establish a meditation practice. We also welcome those who want to brush up their skills and re-ignite their practice. You will learn concrete and specific ways to make your practice more skillful and more beneficial.

The class is taught by Lezlie Laws. Click here for more information about Lezlie.

  • When: Stay Tuned for the next class date
  • Where: Zoom online meeting; a zoom invitation link will be sent upon registration.
  • Fee: $60, payable to the Orlando Insight Meditation Group to pay for space and retreat scholarships (the teacher takes no fee; students may make a voluntary offering to the teacher at the end of the course out of gratitude for the teaching.)
  • For more information: Email Lezlie or call 407-227-7456.

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