As the OIMG community matures in the understanding and application of Buddhist wisdom, developmental transitions naturally arise.  The founding teacher, Peter, is leaving for a 3 month retreat at the Forest Refuge at the Insight Meditation Society in late August, which furthers his understanding and application; here in our community, several members who have experienced at least one one-week retreat and demonstrated a strong interest in deepening their understanding and application have been invited to participate in a teacher’s mentoring group, which has been meeting weekly for several months, so they will be prepared to continue the weekly dhamma dialogues, and to deepen their practice.  This week’s discussion is organized around the tradition, passed down through the centuries of individual mastering the dhamma and sharing it with others, currently being manifested in our community in vitalizing ways.  Next week the members of the mentoring group will talk of their areas of interest and aspirations for the community.