2022 Deerhaven Retreat Recordings

2022 Deerhaven Retreat-2nd Night-The Five Hindrances

This talk introduces the first obstacle that must be contended with in the process of liberating the mind from distress and confusion–the Five Hindrances–disturbances in the ability to clearly perceive how the mind creates a self-experience, either through cognitive distortion or an imbalance of energy flow in consciousness.  Various ways to redirect the energy of attention away from the hindrances are suggested which will support the process of Awakening.  Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  2022 Setting Aside The Five Hindrances


2022 Deerhaven Retreat-3rd Night-The Four Foundations of Mindfulness

This talk describes a conceptual structuring of four aspects of subjective experience: mindfulness of bodily stimuli, mindfulness of feelings, mindfulness of states of mind, and mindfulness of those factors that condition self-organization.  This structuring provides a way to carefully investigate how the “selfing” process operates in a detached way, which supports liberating the mind from distress and confusion.  Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  THE FOUR FOUNDATIONS FOR AWAKENING REVIEW


2022 Deerhaven Retreat-4th Night-The Five Aggregates

This talk reviews the characteristics of what can be described as a Buddhist theory of personality–The Five Aggregates–representing how the mind is stimulated by physical experience to create a meaningful self-state organization.  The aggregates, when affected by greed, hatred and ignorance, create the distress and confusion that interferes with human happiness, creating the distress and confusion we all are confronted with.  Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  REVIEWING THE FIVE AGGREGATES OF CLINGING


Deerhaven 2022 Retreat Review

In following a long-established tradition, this meeting is dedicated to providing those who attended the recent one-week residential retreat to review their experience during the retreat.  After such an event, it is difficult to be able to express the insights gained during such an immersive experience without the support of those who were at the event or have previously been on a retreat.  Such a review helps to integrate the insights more fully into daily life, while also providing inspiration for those listening.

The focus of next week’s talk, which occurs on Thanksgiving Eve, provides an opportunity to express gratitude for the benefits that meditation practice provides for the quality of one’s life.


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