2021 Deerhaven Retreat Recordings

2021 Deerhaven 7th Night Talk–Practicing At Home

The focus of this talk is intended to support the continuation of the sort of focused attention and depth of insight cultivated during the retreat after returning to normal everyday life functions.  The important benefits of daily diligent practice of mindfulness of breathing meditation are emphasized as fundamental supports for cultivating a more peaceful and spiritual lifestyle at home.  Several categorical topics are described that support effective interpersonal characteristics, financial wisdom, environmental supports and other aspects of a wholesome lifestyle.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  PRACTICING AWAKENING AT HOME


2021 Deerhaven Retreat 6th Night Talk–From Integration to Liberation

The process of Awakening involves a dynamic transition from what is termed self-state conflict to self-state liberation.  This talk reviews this process, as the maturing of mindfulness of breathing meditation manifests the beneficial powers of the 7 Awakening Factors (the topic of the 4th night talk).  These functions, applied through understanding of contingent provisional emergence (the focus of the talk during the 5th night), allows the elements of personality (the 5 aggregates, the topic for the 3rd night talk) to be transformed into more coherent self-state organizations.  This stability and clarity supports the sophisticated investigations that lead to the liberation that occurs through Awakening.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  Growing From Self Integration to Self Liberation


2021 Deerhaven Retreat 5th Night Talk–Contingent Provisional Emergence

A core concept of Buddhism is paticca samuppada, traditionally translated as dependent origination.  During this talk, an alternate translation is presented–contingent provisional emergence–using contemporary psychological and scientific concepts that can perhaps be useful in understanding the dynamic process through which self-creation occurs.  Skillful investigation of this process supports the ability to change karmic influences in order to promote the process of Awakening.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  Deerhaven 2021 Contingent Provisional Emergence Review


2021 Deerhaven Retreat 4th Night–The 7 Awakening Factors

The 7 Awakening Factors are the functions of the mind that become powerful tools in the process of Awakening.  During the talk, each of the Awakening Factors--Mindfulness, Investigation of Mental Phenomena, Energy/Effort, Joy/Engaged Interest, Tranquility, Concentration/Unification, and Equanimity/Balance–is reviewed.  Additionally, the practices that enhance the development of these functions are described.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  2021 Deerhaven 7 AWAKENING FACTORS

This talk can be accompanied by the guided meditation Contemplation of Intention, found in the audio archive.

2021 Deerhaven Retreat 3rd Night Talk–The Five Aggregates

This talk reviews how Buddhist doctrine describes the functions that operate in an integrated fashion to create a personality: Form (sensory stimulation), Feeling (fundamental affective/emotional responses), Perception (initial identifications), Mind Conditioners (factors that are drawn from personal history to create a meaningful self-experience), all reflected in Consciousness.  Detached, mindful investigation of these functions “deconstructs” the belief that each person’s experience is enduring and autonomous–this insight is fundamental for the process of Awakening to occur.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  Reviewing the Five Aggregates of Clinging

This talk can be supplemented by listening to the guided meditation titled Contemplation of Intention, found in the audio archive.


2021 Deerhaven 2nd Night Talk–Setting Aside The 5 Hindrances

This talk provides support for identifying the characteristics of the 5 Hindrances and using mindfulness of breathing meditation practice to disregard the craving and clinging associated with their presence.  Setting aside the hindrances is necessary in order to support insights into the conditioned nature of the mind.  Three qualities of attention are described to support this process: atapi, sati sampajjana–diligent, mindful, clear comprehension– of what is emerging into awareness in order to be able to effectively set the hindrances aside.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  2021 Setting Aside The Five Hindrances

The guided meditation titled Breath As An Anchor Contemplation, found in the audio archives, supports this practice


2021 Deerhaven Retreat 1st Night Talk

This talk reviews the commitments that support an effective retreat experience: The Three Refuges–Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha–and the Five Precepts–Noble Silence, Harmlessness, Avoiding Intoxicants, Avoiding Sexual Preoccupations and Respect for Another Person’s Property–in ways that are relevant for a secular participant in a week-long residential retreat.  Other suggestions regarding the practice of mindfulness of breathing meditation are provided to increase the benefits of the retreat.


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