Dear Sangha,

OIMG’s recent June retreat at the Franciscan Center came and went in the most beautiful of manners.  There were folks in attendance from areas ranging from Jacksonville, Miami, and everywhere in between.  A mother and her teenage daughter blessed us with their presence and there were some folks that chose OIMG to share in their first retreat experience.  Thirty people in total were able to participate—the largest group to date in our history of overnight retreats.  It was a joyful event filled in the cultivation of mindfulness, kindness, and well-being at a beautiful facility.

OIMG’s mission is simple—share the Buddha’s teachings on the alleviation of suffering through the cultivation of wisdom and kindness.  Retreats of this nature are core to this mission— they are an important part of the Eight Fold Path. In the tradition of the Buddha, these retreats are offered regardless of one’s financial means through scholarship offerings.  During this last retreat, $995 was funded by OIMG, representing about 20% of the total cost of the retreat.  As a 501(c)(3) entity, tax deductible opportunities are available for those that may find joy in supporting this cause.  Any contributions are welcomed.  Should you be interested in supporting this cause, please contact Tommy Harrison or Peter Carlson or make your tax-deductible contribution online.