This past week during the Wednesday night Dharma talk, Ross Payne shared his thoughts related to the Ten Paramita.

 Paramita means gone to the other shore. It is the highest development of each the following qualities:

  1. Giving or generosity
  2. Virtue, ethics, morality
  3.  Renunciation, letting go, not grasping
  4. Panna or Prajna “Wisdom” insight into the nature of reality
  5. Energy, vigor, vitality, diligence
  6. Patience or forbearance
  7. Truthfulness
  8. Resolution, determination, intention
  9. Kindness, love, friendliness
  10. Equanimity

During this Dharma talk, Ross reminded us all that these virtues are there to “inform” our practice—to support our path towards the alleviation of our suffering.

These are sometimes called the Ten Perfections. Perhaps there’s an opportunity to deepen your awareness with one (or more) of these to support your path.

Ross Payne is one of the founding teachers of the Orlando Insight Meditation Group (OIMG). He currently leads Orlando Meditation and frequently offers one-half day or full-day retreats.