Supporting The Orlando Insight Meditation Group

One of the traditional ways that individuals can foster their own spiritual development is through the practice of generosity (Dana, in Buddhist terms).  OIMG is dedicated to supporting the development of Buddhist principles and practices through providing introductory courses and periodic retreats.  As a registered non-profit corporation since the early 1990’s, the primary sources of income for OIMG have been the income generated by the introductory courses and donations from the community.  All profits are dedicated to providing the most affordable retreat fees, including partial and full financial subsidies for those who want to attend a weekend or one-week retreat who would otherwise be unable to do so.

During this time of year, people often send charitable contributions to various worthy organizations.  Some use these as deductions from income tax.  OIMG would be grateful if you would consider practicing Dana with our organization.  We cannot offer the number of retreats we would like because of budgetary limitations, so your contribution would go a long way towards fostering the benefits of mindfulness and lovingkindness practice in our communities.

We are arranging a one-week retreat in early 2019, led by a guest teacher, Shaila Catherine, a very well-respected author and teacher of the Dharma.  This will involve a significant increase in the production costs for the retreat, involving transportation costs from California to Florida and back.  In order to pay for this retreat, we need additional financial support.  An important commitment of Buddhist practice is the Bodhisattva Vow, which manifests a commitment to alleviating suffering for all sentient beings.  Considering the increasingly stressful times we live in, your contribution will have a ripple effect, allowing people from all over the U.S. and elsewhere to benefit from Shaila’s teaching.

We will respond to your contribution with a letter acknowledging the donation for your tax purposes.  You may contribute online through PayPal or mail a checks made out to Orlando Insight Meditation Group to Peter Carlson, 1818 Carrigan Avenue, Winter Park, Florida, 32789.

Thank you for your practice, and I wish you well.
Peter Carlson, founding teacher and president of the Orlando Insight Meditation Group