This talk focuses on “deconstructing” the misconception of an enduring and autonomous self, exploring the process through which the raw data of sensory stimulation is transformed by mind conditioners into what the Buddha called “The tyranny of I, Me and Mine”.  A fetter is the action of craving and clinging related to the emerging internal narrative in the creation of the self.  Peter then suggested how mindfulness meditation fosters the ability to see how the processes operate rather than attaching a self to the content of each moment of subjective experience.  This explanation was followed by discussion among those present regarding how they might use this information to understand Buddhist practices more beneficially.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  THE SIX SENSE BASES AND THE FETTERS

Next week’s discussion will begin identifying the Seven Awakening Factors and how to cultivate them, key skills for advancing the process of Awakening.