I have known Andy Quinn for 25 years or more; I introduced him to mindfulness of breathing meditation and he is now the founding teacher for the Lakeland Meditation Group.  Andy has registered for a one month retreat later this year at the Forest Refuge, an important meditation center where I have practiced long retreats within before.  He and his wife are putting a daughter through college and it is stretching their budget for him to go to this retreat.  He created a GoFundMe page to support this spiritual practice and my wife Paula and I have contributed $100 to support his efforts–May the merits of his practice benefit everyone he meets!  If you know Andy and want to contribute to his spiritual development and the advancement of the Lakeland Sangha, please consider a contribution.  Here is the URL to the GoFundMe website:  https://www.gofundme.com/f/andy-quinn-long-meditation-retreat-2020

I wish you well.  Peter