Mindfulness On And Off The Cushion

During this talk, Lili Fernandez describes the importance of integrating the Five Precepts into daily mindfulness practice.  Her experience as the mother of two young boys creates the opportunity to find different and creative ways to train the mind towards virtuous actions while interacting with her sons.  She invites participants in the meeting to share their opportunities to integrate mindfulness and the the Precepts during daily life experiences.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  Mindfulness on and off the cushion


Reviewing Tranquility and Concentration

This talk provides a review of two of seven Awakening Factors, Tranquility and Concentration, which are so integrated in their functioning that their manifestation is called samatha (syah-mah-tah) in Pali.  Peter Carlson provides a review of each of the two, including skillful means for cultivating them, both while meditating and in the context of lifestyle choices.  Additional emphasis is provided to clarify the characteristics of concentration, as either the highly concentrated experience of jhana or the more inclusive but very stable kind of concentration important for vipassana practice and the full development of the Seven Awakening Factors.

This talk can be supplemented by the “Guided Tranquility and Concentration Contemplation” that preceded this talk and which is posted in the archives of this site.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  Tranquility and Concentration