Reviewing Right Livelihood

This talk, provided by April Koester, focuses on how virtue manifests as Right Livelihood. April discusses how Right Livelihood can guide us not only in our personal choice of vocation but how we interact with other businesses as a consumer, in addition to how we interact with each other as bosses, employees, and anyone we encounter in their working role.



The First Noble Truth – Dharma Talk by Allie Vaknin

Allie Vaknin discusses the meaning and implications behind the First Noble Truth. Deepening one’s understanding of the first truth is essential for understanding the subsequent truths, which collectively represent the Buddha’s core teachings. As a Counselor Intern, Allie also draws from her experiences in counseling and weave in relevant concepts that resonate with the First Noble Truth. She loves dialogue, so she makes room for discussions throughout, in order to explore how these concepts relate to our sangha members’ own experiences.


The Buddha’s Life Before His Enlightenment – Dharma talk by Lezlie Laws

Lezlie Laws gives us background on the historical period that shaped the Buddha’s early life up to the point of his Enlightenment in 528 BCE.  She reviews the predominant characteristics of what is now called the “Axial Age” and show how this unique time in history created a context for the Buddha to shun the political life that was planned for him and to take up the life of a “renouncer,” a spiritual seeker.  By examining his early life,  we see how his core teachings were taking form in his mind long before he became one of the most influential spiritual teachers of his age.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  Buddha’s Early Life