Intensive Study Group

Intensive Study Groups Starting Soon!

The Orlando Insight Meditation Group’s teacher, Peter Carlson, has been facilitating Intensive Study Groups for several years with the following format:

  • Eight meetings, 90 minutes each to discuss an area of interest regarding Buddhist concepts and practices
  • Seminar format-Peter has individual interview with each member followed by a brief question and answer as time permits
  • Each group will begin when there are at least seven committed participants
  • Participants commit to meditate for 45 minutes daily. There will be no meditation during the meetings in order to maximize the opportunities to talk about the topics.(If this is difficult, one can commit to daily meditation with the intention of increasing the amount of time towards 45 minutes.)
  • Meetings are held via Zoom (The Zoom format increases the opportunities for participation beyond the immediate Orlando area and saves driving time, gas and the environment!)
  • Two groups-Saturday from 3pm-4:30pm and Sunday from 3pm-4:30pm (If number of participants warrants two groups.  Please designate which day or days you can participate. Please understand the group you are assigned may be designated based on numbers between the groups. It is helpful if you can accept either day. If there are not enough participants, one day will be designated.)
  • Voluntary donation of $160 to the Orlando Insight Meditation Group via check or PayPal; the funds are used to support scholarships for annual one-week residential retreats. If this amount is not workable for your budget, a lesser amount is acceptable and can be made using the donate button on the OIMG website.

For this series of meetings, the primary study resource will be “Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness,” by Henepola Gunaratana. It reviews the Noble Eightfold Path, a fundamental conceptual and practical guide for one’s practice. Readings and discussion will be divided in workable ways among the chapters of the book.

This is not group therapy, but because it is intended to be about how one lives, not philosophy, it is requested that what is discussed in the meetings remains confidential and only discussed during the meetings.

For more information and/or to sign up, please email Peter at Please also indicate your phone number so that Peter can contact you in case a meeting has to be cancelled.

Please respond as soon as possible, so we can set a date for the first meetings. There are several spots remaining in the Saturday group and one remaining spot in the Sunday group. It is understood that there may be times when your schedule requires you to miss a meeting, so don’t let that prevent you from committing. The target start date is the first weekend in May if there are enough participants.

Wednesday Night Meetings


For those who haven’t been to the site, the house is the only one on the block with a sheet metal roof.  Park on the street or in the driveway—please be considerate of the neighbor’s property.  Prior to the pandemic, we have met there without complaint from the neighbors.  Walk to the left of the garage and through the gate in the chain link fence; the cottage in the back yard is where we meet.

We will meditate in silence from 7 to 7:45, then, after a break, the Dharma talk will begin.  I will make every effort to Zoom the meeting, but there may be some technical glitches during the process, and the meeting will be recorded and posted on the website as usual.

There will be a small box near the front door for dana, the practice of donating to the teacher out of gratitude for the teaching.  The contribution is not required, and the money will be used to maintain the building and pay for the Zoom subscription.  There is a lending library of Dharma related books in the cottage that operates on a trust basis.

To attend meetings via zoom, you must do a one-time Zoom Pre-Registration using the password 620329 in order to participate in the events. The meetings will be audio only and can be accessed by smartphone as well as any internet-connected computer system, following the instructions at the Zoom website.