How to Change your Heart-A One-Day Lovingkindness Retreat on Saturday, July 13

The cultivation of lovingkindness plays a significant role in the process of Awakening.  Clear insight must be integrated with benevolent intention.  This retreat is intended to increase a person’s insight into the value of lovingkindness, but also provide direct training in the cultivation of  kindness as a way to steady the mind and heart.

The teacher is Peter Carlson, who has been on many retreats over the last 40+ years, including three that focused primarily on the cultivation of lovingkindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity, the “Four Divine Abidings”.  He is the founding teacher for the Orlando Insight Meditation Group, a nonprofit corporation. For more information about Peter, click here.

The retreat is suitable for beginning as well as more practiced meditation students.

Please bring your own lunch. There is a refrigerator and microwave on-site. A limited number of meditation cushions will be available; it is recommended that if you have your own, please bring it. There will also be chairs available.

When: Saturday, July 13, 2024  9:00am – 5:00pm

Where: Oneness Yoga Retreat Center located at 218 W. Lewis Road, Apopka, FL (not far from Kelly Park)

Fee: $60 to the Orlando Insight Meditation Group; the fee will be split evenly between OIMG and the retreat center. (NOTE: The teacher takes no fee. Those attending will have the opportunity to make a voluntary contribution to him at the end of the day to express gratitude for the teaching and what was learned.)

For questions: please email Sharon.

LifeArt Meditation with Lezlie Laws

In addition to our weekly Sangha, we invite you to join the monthly LifeArt Meditation Group, offered on the second Tuesday of every month from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.

In these sessions we explore the habits of the mind and the structures of living that allow us to live with more presence, more clarity about what matters, and more capacity for being of benefit.

Meeting format:

  1. A short talk on developing skillful means for maintaining a satisfying meditation practice. The emphasis here is on how to address all manner of hindrances that damage our motivation or hobble our mental capacities to remain concentrated and focused.
  2. A 20-minute guided meditation designed to help you put into play the ideas addressed in the talk.
  3. A Q&A session to gain clarity and insight about the practice.

When: Second Tuesday of the month from 6:30pm to 8:00pm

Location: Zoom Meeting ID 867 2496 7080; Passcode:622152

Click here to join the zoom meeting.

Teacher: Lezlie Laws. Click here to contact Lezlie.

Essential Mental Qualities

In this Dharma talk, Tommy and the Sangha explore the Buddha’s teachings on abiding in contemplation of the body, feelings, mind, and dhammas—diligent, clearly knowing, and mindful, free from desires and discontent in regard to this world.  These are considered essential mental qualities.