This talk concludes two focused on the elements of Dukkha, craving and clinging; the talk on tanha, craving,was posted on February 6.  Peter described the term Upadana as basically meaning fuel or nutriment, that which feeds the selfing process.  Upadana is the “maturing” of craving when the mind is insufficiently alert and balanced.  Contemporary research into how the brain transforms stimulation into a sense of self through what is termed the binding process.  Peter described how mindfulness of breathing meditation can provide the stability of attention and the level of insight into the process of becoming as described in the concept of dependent origination.  These explanations were followed by general group discussion regarding the applications of mindfulness to reveal and overcome the various manifestations of clinging.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  WORKING WITH CLINGING

Next week’s talk will focus on working with karma.