This talk provides an opportunity for Will to review his most recent 10-day retreat experience, the third of three Zoom retreats organized and led by Analayo, a German Theravaden monk who is both a well respected contemporary scholar and accomplished meditator.  Will reviews the theme of the three retreats, the first of which was themed around an important book by Analayo: “Satipatthana–The Direct Path to Realization”; the second involved “Mindfulness of Breathing”, and the third “Compassion and Emptiness in Early Buddhist Meditation”.  Will’s talk was accompanied by several questions and appreciative comments provided by those attending, either in person or via Zoom.

Here is a .pdf copy of the first book:  Analayo_Satipatthana-The-Direct-Path-to-Realization.  The other two books are not currently available in a free .pdf format, but can be ordered through the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies ( or Amazon.  There is an additional book by the same author of practical interest as a support for deepening practice as well:  “Satipatthana Meditation–A Practice Guide” that can be acquired through the same sources.

The meeting next week will begin an extensive review of what is arguably the most basic conceptual discourse of Theravaden Buddhism, traditionally considered to be the first teaching of the Buddha after his Awakening:  “The Turning of the Wheel of Truth”.  The typical way it is described is as “The Four Noble Truths”.  The talk will provide an historical and conceptual review of the discourse, with the intention to provide a view of the teaching that is relevant to contemporary life and liberation from distress and confusion.  Subsequent talks will systematically review the four conceptual truths of the discourse.