Orlando Insight Meditation Group

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Working With Selflessness January 22 2020

This is the second talk in a series investigating some key characteristics of Buddhist practice, focusing on Anatta, (Ah-nah-tah), the absence of an enduring and autonomous self.  During the talk, Peter read excerpts from various Suttas that described the Buddha’s approach to teaching this liberating insight to others.  The Buddha refused to speculate on whether […]


Working With Impermanence January 15 2020

This is the first of three talks exploring tilakkhana, the three basic characteristics of our subjective world, Anicca, Dukkha and Anatta.  Tonight’s focus is on Anicca, the impermanent and transitory nature of reality.  Impermanence occurs in two ways: externally, through the naturally transitory functions of organic and inorganic processes and internally, through one’s ongoing subjective […]


Peter Reports on 2019 Year End Retreat

It is customary for retreatants in this Sangha to have the opportunity to report on their retreat experience as this helps integrate the insights realized during the retreat more clearly in awareness.  Peter described the structure of his recent two-week self-retreat.  During the retreat he hoped to cultivate deep samadhi to cultivate the potential for […]