Notes For The Beautiful Pairs Of Mind Conditioners

This posting contains the notes for the dhamma dialogue presented by Peter on March 11, 2015.  The focus of this talk reviews the remaining wholesome mind conditioners, emphasizing the “six beautiful pairs”.  Peter suggested that these conditioners represent a harmonious and integrated reflective interaction between the mind conditioners and the quality of conscious awareness associated with them.  He also suggested that these pairings are most effective in the process of vipassana, stating that after several days of cultivating samadhi/passadhi (concentration/tranquility) during an intensive retreat, the operation of these pairs becomes increasingly evident, enlivening the practice of vipassana.  He then reviewed the wholesome virtues (Right Speech, Action and Livelihood) and the cultivation of compassion and sympathetic joy.  Culmination of the process of awakening, fostered by vipassana practice, perfecting the seven factors of awakening, results in the last of the mind conditioners listed, Wholesome Understanding.  Here is the attached file: WHOLESOME MIND CONDITIONERS PART 2