Guided Investigating Impermanence Meditation

This contemplation focuses on cultivating awareness of anicca (ah-nee-chah), the transitory and unstable characteristic of subjective experience.  Everything in the universe is in flux–even mountains are impermanent, as evidenced by the Appalachian mountains, which are believed to once have been as tall as the Himalayas!   However, our immediate personal experience is always changing, even when we want it to be stable.  This Buddhist meditation focuses on the ephemeral, ever-changing nature of the mind and the constituent elements that are reflected in consciousness.  During this meditation, you are invited to consider the various suggestions for practice as a “sampler” of various ways to contemplate anicca, the goal of which is to deconstruct the misconception that there is an enduring and autonomous self.  See if your attention becomes sufficiently unburdened by craving and clinging to the various thoughts and emotions that arise and pass away during the meditation so that the occurrence of a thought is seen as a fleeting construct, less seemingly self-defining and controlling of behavior.  In future meditations, consider applying one of the suggestions persistently to soak further into the process of transition that is always occurring.