Overcoming Restlessness And Worry July 4 2018

This talk is part of a series exploring the Fourth Foundation of Mindfulness, specifically the nature of the hindrance Restlessness and Worry.  During the talk, the essential characteristics of the hindrance, that is, instability of focus caused by restlessness (related to craving for pleasantness and to avoid unpleasantness) and the repetitive nature of worrying (related to clinging to a repetitive thought of regret or anticipated disaster).  Peter described how mindfulness of breathing meditation reduces the general level of restlessness in the mind, manifested as samadhi/passadhi (stability of focus/inner tranquility), which enables the ability to see worrisome thoughts as just phenomena of one’s personal history and not certainly a valid line of thought to pursue.  This was followed by discussion by those present, who talked about their personal experiences regarding overcoming restlessness and worry.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  OVERCOMING RESTLESSNESS AND WORRY

Next week’s discussion will investigate the hindrance of Skeptical Doubt.