Links for Studying the Buddhist Pali Canon Suttas

By Peter Carlson

It’s critically important to understand the concepts that the Buddha taught.  These teachings are found in the Nikayas.  The teachings are called “suttas” (sutras in Sanskrit); the term comes from the same root word as the English word “suture”, which is the thread that binds up wounds.  Other major sources of Buddhist Wisdom are the commentaries, which began after the Buddha’s death, and continue until this day.  In order to deepen our understanding of the Buddha’s teachings, it is, of course important to meditate daily; this is how to build spiritual “muscle”.  In fact, modern neuroscience reveals that dedicated meditation practice increases the number of connections between neurons, particularly at the juncture between the emotional (limbic) and executive (preorbital cortex).  This means that experienced meditators are more aware of emotions, and more able to manage them.