What Is Jhana?

by Peter Carlson on August 21, 2014

Here are the notes accompanying the dhamma dialogue “Cultivating Jhana”:


Cultivating Jhana

by Peter Carlson on August 21, 2014

Peter described the characteristics of jhana from both the “sutta jhana” and “Visuddhimagga jhana” models.  The benefits of jhana practice were reviewed, suggesting the real benefit of jhana practice is the cultivation of the seven Awakening Factors, which will be discussed in depth during next week’s discussion.  Peter’s notes for this talk are posted above this posting, including URL addresses for downloading an ebook relevant to jhana practice, and a page from Leigh Brasington’s site with various articles about the jhanas.

Notes on “Cultivating Samadhi and Passadhi”

by Peter Carlson on August 14, 2014

Here are the notes to accompany the “Cultivating Samadhi and Passadhi” audio. The notes contain a link where  “The Experience Of Samadhi” can be downloaded free as a pdf file:


Cultivating Samadhi and Passadhi

by Peter Carlson on August 14, 2014

This dialogue is the first of two explorations of samma samadhi, right concentration.  Peter explained the terms samadhi and passadhi, and why he groups them together.  Six considerations were illustrated to support the cultivation of samadhi-passadhi.  The value of samadhi-passadhi in the practice of vipassana was explored.  The explanations were followed by dialogue about the supportive considerations and the value of samadhi-passadhi in daily life.  There is a post following this one containing the notes used for the evening’s discussion.  the notes include a link to a website where Richard Shankman’s book “The Experience Of Samadhi” can be downloaded free in .pdf format.  Next week’s dialogue will explore the practice of jhana.

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The Creation Of Selfing

During this talk, Peter described the core concept of paticcasamuppada, traditionally translated as “dependent origination”.  He has changed the translation to “contingent provisional emergence”, and this talk explains his rationale for this innovation.  The talk continues to develop a detailed understanding of the 12 links of the concept as non-linear and co-creating, recurring multiple times […]

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Paticcasamuppada: The Creation Of Selfing

These are the notes I prepared for the Dhamma dialogue on Wednesday, August 6, 2014:  Contingent Provisional Emergence  I hope this is helpful for your studies.  Peter

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