Upcoming Intensive Study Group

by Peter Carlson on February 11, 2017

Peter has been facilitating an 8-week intensive study group for several years.  The intention during the group is to cultivate a regular daily 45-minute meditation discipline and develop ways to integrate the benefits from this practice into daily life routines.

The meetings are in Peter’s home office at the same address as the regular Orlando Insight Meditation Group meetings in Winter Park.  The format is similar to a seminar, with Peter in dialogue with each participant followed by general group discussion of the practice points emerging from the exchange.

The meetings are from 7:30-9 PM Tuesdays.  Participation is limited to 6 persons, and the fee is $160 for the course, payable to Peter, in a lump sum or incrementally. There are currently 3 committed members.

Peter will be gone during the month of March for an intensive residential retreat at the Forest Refuge in Massachusetts, and the group will begin in April as soon as there are 6 committed participants.

Email Peter for more information or to enroll.

2017 Deerhaven Practicing At Home

by Peter Carlson on March 16, 2017

During this final talk about how to integrate the benefits of the retreat, Peter offered suggestions regarding various ways to transfer what was gained from rigorous meditation practice to daily life routines.  This was followed by discussion of various ways more experienced meditators have been able to integrate the retreat experience from prior retreats.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  PRACTICING AWAKENING AT HOME

Self State Integration And Liberation

by Peter Carlson on March 14, 2017

During this talk, Peter talked of the process of personality integration that occurs as the hindrances are less and less impactful in life, leading to deep insights into the fundamental conditions that create a misperception of reality as an enduring self that can or should control life.  This talk builds upon and summarizes the previous meditation practices and talks earlier in the retreat.  This was followed by discussion regarding the process of awakening.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  SELF STATE LIBERATION

A recording of a “Whole Body Sweep Meditation” is also posted here.

7 Awakening Factors And 5 Powers

by Peter Carlson on March 12, 2017

During This talk, Peter described the advances for insight fostered by the 7 awakening factors: mindfulness, investigation of mental phenomena, energy/effort, joy/enthusiastic interest, tranquility, concentration/unification of mental functions and equanimity/balance of attention and energy.  A graphic was provided to demonstrate how the awakening factors can be reflected in the traditional “5 Powers” concept, reworded, as the contradiction to the graphic discussed during the “Out Of Balance Mind” talk.  This was followed by a discussion period.

Here are the notes prepared for this discussion:  BOJJHANGA-7 AWAKENING FACTORS

Another guided meditation recording from earlier in the day with body sweep practice entitled “Head Trip Meditation” is also posted here.

How To Change Your Mind

by Peter Carlson on March 10, 2017

This evening’s talk  focused on the core teaching of Buddhism called “paticca samuppada” (pah-tee-chah sah-moo-pah-dah), traditionally interpreted as “dependent origination”.  Peter offered an alternative translation, “contingent provisional emergence” with explanation regarding the increased usefulness of this understanding.  It points out that the opportunity to “change your mind” occurs when the awakening factor of investigation of mental phenomena, combined with Right Effort, allows previously conditioned, reactive responses to be altered by inner awareness of feeling, that is, impulsive emotional or habitual reactions to not mature into internally conflicted self-state organizations.  This was accompanied by a graphic illustrating the self-reinforcing links of mental conditioning functions, with mindfulness of feelings as a key point of focus.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  Contingent Provisional Emergence

Also posted here is a recorded guided meditation to foster increased capacity to investigate the sensations of breathing more persistently in greater detail.  It is entitled “Swimming In The Stream Of Dharma”.

Cultivating A Focused And Tranquil Mind

This talk explored the ways to use the routine, repetitive practice of aiming attention at the beginning of the inbreath (vitakka [wee-tah-kah] in Pali), and maintaining investigative awareness of the sensations noted during the duration of the inbreath (vicara [wee-chah-rah] in Pali), then repeating this for the outbreath.  This practice cultivates stability of focus (samadhi […]

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The Out Of Balance Mind

This talk was recorded at the end of the first full day of the retreat, and focuses on the Five Hindrances.  Peter presented a graphic that presented the hindrances as dynamic polarities: too much conviction as opposed to too much skepticism, and too much energy as opposed to too much tranquility.  The common antidote for […]

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Deerhaven 2017 First Night

During this talk, Peter reviewed the traditional “3 Refuges” and “Five Precepts” practices at the beginning of retreats, then suggested a more contemporary rendering of the Refuges, followed by a handout with the Precepts rendered as commitments.  Participants were also given a “certificate” dedication: “May The Merits Of This Practice Benefit Everyone I Meet”.  This […]

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