Intensive Study Group

by Peter Carlson on August 27, 2015

Peter is recruiting an intensive study group, which will meet 8 times, from 7:30-9 PM Tuesdays.  The format of the group will be applying aphorisms from the Tibetan lojong mind training discipline, which is currently being explored during Wednesday night meetings.  In the intensive group, participants will commit to 45 minutes per day of meditation, either mindfulness of breathing or lovingkindness, to support the application of an aphorism.  Each participant will choose one of the aphorisms for daily integration into normal life routines, in order to cultivate the ability to gain maximum benefit from the practice.  During the weekly meetings, the practice experience of the prior week will be discussed with Peter, and other participants will have the opportunity to participate as well, much like a seminar.

This formatted study group has been found to be very useful for participants over the years it has been offered.  The first meeting will be announced when there are 6 committed members; there are now 4.  Contact Peter at 407 339-5444 for more information about the group.

Training The Agile Mind August 26 2015

by Peter Carlson on August 27, 2015

This talks reviews the lojong mind training aphorism “In order to take unexpected conditions as the path, immediately join whatever you meet with meditation”.  The emphasis of this practice is to train the mind to become quickly, mindfully aware of what is emerging in consciousness, and essential competency to cultivate in vipassana practice.  Peter described recent research regarding which areas of the brain are associated with mindfulness, and how these neural pathways are enhanced to increase self awareness and the ability to regulate emotional reactivity.  After these descriptions, ways that agile and accurate inner awareness can be cultivated, not only by regular meditation practice, but also through finding ways to remind oneself to be mindful during the day.

This talk followed a guided meditation just posted “Agile Mind Guided Meditation”.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  MAKING THE MIND AGILE AND ACCURATE

Agile Mind Guided Meditation

by Peter Carlson on August 27, 2015

This is a guided meditation to accompany the next posting on training the mind to be agile and accurate.

Four Applications For Spiritual Growth August 19 2015

by Peter Carlson on August 20, 2015

This talk reviewed the progressive steps from initial establishment of stable focus and internal tranquility through to last week’s exploration of how to work with confusion.  The new aphorism involves four applications to further spiritual development: cultivating a more integrated series of self-states motivated by lovingkindness and compassion, maintaining an ongoing investigation of emerging self-states, taking corrective action when a previous life experience has produced confusion and disturbance, particularly in relationships, and actively seeking and making best use of those whose studies and practices warrant trust and respect.  This was followed by discussion of how these four applications can be developed and maintained.

Here are the notes Peter prepared for this discussion:  FOUR WAYS TO TURN POISON INTO MEDICINE

Next week’s discussion will focus on the next aphorism: “In order to take unexpected conditions as the path, immediately join whatever you meet with meditation.”  This involves learning how to remember and quickly bring the investigation of emerging self-states into daily life experience.


Working Through Confusion August 12 2015

by Peter Carlson on August 13, 2015

During this talk, the Lojong training aphorism “Confusion is to be expected as the result of craving and clinging; use the quiet mind to resolve the confusion.”  This was related to the progression from cultivating a quiet, stable state of mind, through the realization that thoughts are fabricated dependent upon prior experience, which may or may not be relevant to current circumstances.  The fabricated thoughts are noted as provisional fantasies that can be modified through the practice of vipassana to thoughts and behaviors that are more conditioned by benevolent intention.

Here are the notes prepared for this discussion:    WORKING THROUGH CONFUSION 

Next week’s topic will focus on the Lojong aphorism: “Four applications to support spiritual growth”.

Cultivating Self Responsibility

During this talk, Peter reviewed the progressive development this training represents: first establishing stable focused attention informed by  benevolent intention, then using vipassana skills to see the transient nature of internal self-states, followed by the practice of tonglen (compassionate transformation of unwholesome self-states to wholesome flows), and the ability to integrate this into self-responsibility, that […]

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Intensive Study Group

Over the course of the last few years, Peter has facilitated an intensive study group that meets from 7:30 to 9 PM on Tuesdays in Peter’s office in the house in front of the meditation cottage in Winter Park.  The group will meet for 8 weeks, and the focus will be on applying the lojong […]

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