by Robert Lockridge

These things are said:
Sitting Upright
Still and silent
Is Buddha.
Bowing fully,
Head on earth,
Hands open,
Is Buddha.
Hearing rhythm – tok tok –
Full voice rising in melody,
Is Buddha.
Heart opening is Buddha.
Heartbeat in chest,
Rising to throat,
Pounding in ears
Is Buddha.
Mind manifesting
Wisdom and compassion
Is Buddha.
Brought to our knees
By desire
Is Buddha.
Hope is Buddha.
Solace is Buddha.
Fear and trembling are Buddha.
So, what is Buddha?
One eminent teacher said,
“Shit on a stick.”
Another responded,
“Three pounds of flax.”
How is this helpful?
If great teachers differ,
How can we know?
Dryer hums in the laundry room ,
Cat purrs on lap.