Mindfulness of the body is a fundamental practice in the Buddhist tradition.  Body awareness includes physical sensation as well as hearing, seeing, smelling and tasting.  There’s nothing imaginative about sensation-mindfulness is most important as the process of mental association emerges.  During the body sweep meditation, the attention is persistently focused on whatever sensation emerges on the surface of the body.  Beginning with sensational awareness at the rim of the nostrils, in this guided meditation, Peter repeatedly suggests progressive awareness of sensation, moving over the facial area, then the scalp, the neck and so on, ending with the sensations noticeable in the feet.  Finally, the meditator is invited to sit with open awareness for whatever sensations appear in the body.  The value of this practice is that, when practiced repeatedly, sensations become evident all over the body, subtle tingling or vibrations, and this awareness provides a stable and ever-present foundational focus, from which the meditator can note the emergence of thoughts and emotions through vipassana practices.