by Robert Lockridge

36 years ago
—Just yesterday—
I looked into his eyes
For the first time.

And when I say in my poems
That the light of a thousand eyes
Sets fire to the universe
That is what I mean.

We named him Keir Hardie
After a man
Who died of a broken heart
when he could not stop a war,
Who would not stand for one msn
Being put above another,
Who wanted freedom and dignity
for everyone.
He has lived up to that.

Someday his strong and gentle arms
Will hold me, helpless,
As once I held him.
And the circle is complete.
360 degrees.
Rivers are rivers.
Mountains are mountains.
No mountains, no rivers.


Looking up,
The sun is bright and warm,
The air is cool.
Tears on cheeks,
Heart breaks and heals itself,
Peace comes.