During the second talk about the Tibetan Buddhist training called Lojong, the first 8 training aphorisms were described.  Peter reported the classical rendering of the aphorism, then his contemporary understanding of the practice.  The core of Lojong training involves the ability to recognize the origination of dissatisfaction and transform the experience into compassionate awareness through the application of Tonglen, another Tibetan word translated as “Sending and Taking”.  The ultimate goal of the practice is to bring compassionate intentions to bear during every experience.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk.  Due to an oversight, the notes reflect 9 training points; number 8, regarding integrating the slogans into daily life routines, has been added:  Training For Realizing Relative Bodhicitta

Next week’s talk will continue exploring the Lojong teachings and will emphasize opportunities to turn obstacles into opportunities for awakening compassion.