This talk reviewed the progressive steps from initial establishment of stable focus and internal tranquility through to last week’s exploration of how to work with confusion.  The new aphorism involves four applications to further spiritual development: cultivating a more integrated series of self-states motivated by lovingkindness and compassion, maintaining an ongoing investigation of emerging self-states, taking corrective action when a previous life experience has produced confusion and disturbance, particularly in relationships, and actively seeking and making best use of those whose studies and practices warrant trust and respect.  This was followed by discussion of how these four applications can be developed and maintained.

Here are the notes Peter prepared for this discussion:  FOUR WAYS TO TURN POISON INTO MEDICINE

Next week’s discussion will focus on the next aphorism: “In order to take unexpected conditions as the path, immediately join whatever you meet with meditation.”  This involves learning how to remember and quickly bring the investigation of emerging self-states into daily life experience.