Since Peter plans to attend a retreat led by Steve Armstrong, and values the retreat experience, he described the life circumstances that prompted beginning to practice mindfulness meditation in 1982.  He then described the various meditation practices in other faith traditions around the world, citing Daniel Goleman’s book, “The Meditative Mind”.  Peter’s subjective experience regarding regular meditation practice and the benefits that build from repeated retreat experience were reviewed.

This was followed by the accounts of others attending the meeting regarding the benefits they experience as a result of meditation practice.

Here are the autobiographical notes prepared for the talk:  WHY I MEDITATE

Since Peter is on retreat next week, the talk will be given by Daniel Goleman, a member of the teacher’s mentoring group.  Daniel has been meditating for many years, and is also actively practicing hatha yoga.  His topic will be the integration of mindfulness and yoga, and he will be assisted by Mitch Sullen.