It is customary for retreatants to have an opportunity to “think out loud” about a recent retreat experience, as this helps integrate the deep learning that can occur during such an event and provides insight and inspiration for listeners regarding the benefits of retreat experience.  There were 24 folks attending the retreat at the Deerhaven Retreat Center; 6 spoke during the evening.  During the month of March, the recorded evening talks and some guided meditations from the  retreat will be posted periodically on the site to supplement what was discussed this evening.

Please note that Peter will be attending a one month samadhi cultivating retreat at the Forest Refuge with Shaila Catherine and Sayadaw U Jagara in March.  Meetings will occur as usual, with various senior members of the Sangha and invited guest speakers attending, but they will not be recorded and posted.  He will report on his intensive retreat experience during the meeting on Wednesday, April 5.