This talk explored the ways to use the routine, repetitive practice of aiming attention at the beginning of the inbreath (vitakka [wee-tah-kah] in Pali), and maintaining investigative awareness of the sensations noted during the duration of the inbreath (vicara [wee-chah-rah] in Pali), then repeating this for the outbreath.  This practice cultivates stability of focus (samadhi [sah-mah-dee] in Pali) and tranquility (passadhi [pah-sah-dee] in Pali).  These qualities of stable, calm attention to the emergence of mental phenomena is core to the practice of insight into the nature of experience (vipassana [vee-pah-sah-nah] in Pali).  This was followed by discussion of the night’s topic.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  Cultivating Samadhi And Passadhi

During this talk, reference was made to a guided meditation recorded earlier that day entitled “Investigating The Breath”, which is also part of this post.