This evening’s talk  focused on the core teaching of Buddhism called “paticca samuppada” (pah-tee-chah sah-moo-pah-dah), traditionally interpreted as “dependent origination”.  Peter offered an alternative translation, “contingent provisional emergence” with explanation regarding the increased usefulness of this understanding.  It points out that the opportunity to “change your mind” occurs when the awakening factor of investigation of mental phenomena, combined with Right Effort, allows previously conditioned, reactive responses to be altered by inner awareness of feeling, that is, impulsive emotional or habitual reactions to not mature into internally conflicted self-state organizations.  This was accompanied by a graphic illustrating the self-reinforcing links of mental conditioning functions, with mindfulness of feelings as a key point of focus.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  Contingent Provisional Emergence

Also posted here is a recorded guided meditation to foster increased capacity to investigate the sensations of breathing more persistently in greater detail.  It is entitled “Swimming In The Stream Of Dharma”.