This continues a series of discussions regarding the Paramis, the qualities of the mind to be perfected in support of the awakening process.  Tonight’s topic is Sila (pronounced shelah), virtue.  During the talk, Peter read excerpts from the Sigalavada Sutta, within which the Buddha describes mental characteristics operating when virtue is absent and when it is functioning well.  This sutta also describes the different virtuous actions taken relative to different relationship circumstances.  He also quoted from Ajahn Buddhadassa’s book “Heartwood Of The Bodhi Tree-The Buddha’s Teaching On Voidness”, regarding the correlation between the absence of a separate self (voidness) and the expression of virtue.    Peter then considered how the cultivation of virtue may have evolutionary value, in the same way that the historical emergence of language enabled the development of civilization.  This was followed by engaged discussion among the people present during the meeting.

Here are the  notes prepared for this discussion:  The Benefits Of Virtue

Next week’s topic will be the Parami of renunciation.