The theme for this retreat was Adaptation And Surrender, continuing to explore the concepts presented by Rodney Smith.  During the last posting of December, Peter referred to his book “Stepping Out Of Self-Deception”; the retreat addressed the concepts presented in his book “Awakening-A Paradigm Shift Of The Heart”.  Peter described the format of the retreat, then reported on how the theme Adaptation And Surrender was explored during periods of sitting practice.  Adaptation represents the “horizontal” concept put forth in the December talk, that is, adapting one’s internal narrative to changing circumstances; surrender represents total letting go of narrative or preferential regards to what is directly experienced (This state is described as choiceless awareness), and relates to the “vertical” concept of the December talk, that is, no consideration of time or separating experience into myself or other.  Peter also referred to Smith’s cautionary note which focuses on not misrepresenting the choiceless awareness as anything more than another example of craving and clinging to the notion of a separate, enduring self, although much more subtle.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  ADAPTATION AND SURRENDER

Next week’s talk will focus on karma.