During this talk, Peter described how the Seven Awakening Factors foster increasingly quick and accurate insights into how selfing operates.  This process has two benefits:  The first is psychological integration of the personality functions of the mind, and the second is the investigation of the arising and falling away of self-state formations.  This insight begins to deconstruct the misperception that there is an enduring and autonomous self, and is followed by clear awareness of how previous experience (karmic mental conditioners) causes dukkha through craving and clinging.  Relentless practice of mindful investigation reveals that there is unsurpassed ease and clarity when the mind lets go of craving and clinging completely (though momentarily) and experiences Nirvana, the unconditioned.  This discussion was followed by questions and comments about the day’s practice experience and the evening’s topic.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  STAGES OF AWAKENING     SELF STATE LIBERATION