The Third Foundation Of Mindfuilness is Cittanupassana, Mindfulness Of The Mind.  During this talk, Peter explained how the traditional understandings of cittanupassana foster the process of Awakening.  The mind is the receptive characteristic of human experience, and the “tone” of the mind can be affected by various conditions such as desire or aversion.  The cultivation of mindfulness clarifies the reflective quality of awareness in ways that provide greater stress resilience and sets the conditions for the practice of vipassana, the function of which is to reveal directly the three characteristics of human reality: impermanence, the absence of an enduring and autonomous self and the distress and confusion that comes about due to craving and clinging.  The participants in the meeting then discussed how they understand the nature and function of cittanupassana.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  THE NATURE OF THE MIND

Next week’s talk will begin the exploration of the Fourth Foundation Of Mindfulness, Dhammanupassana.