Continuing the exploration of the Fourth Foundation of Mindfulness, tonight’s topic is the Awakening Factor Dhamma Vicaya, Investigating Mental Phenomena.  During the talk, Peter suggested the development of this Awakening Factor begins with the practice of vitakka/vicara, aiming attention at the breath sensations/sustaining attention for the duration of the breath sensations.  As the topic was developed, the cooperation of the other Awakening Factors was described in developing mature awareness of how the process of “selfing” occurs and to realize anicca (impermanence), anatta, (non-self) and the distress and confusion that constitutes dukkha.  This was followed by general group discussion of the benefits that result from cultivating Dhamma Vicaya.

Here are the notes prepared for this discussion:  INVESTIGATING MENTAL PHENOMENA

Next week’s topic will be the Awakening Factor Viriya, translated as Energy/Effort and Determination.