This is the first of a series of talks about the Anapanasati Sutta, the Mindfulness of Breathing Discourse, MN118.  Mindfulness of breathing is reportedly the meditation practice that Siddhattha Gotama used in achieving Awakening to become the Buddha over 25 centuries ago.  It remains the most widely practiced meditation in the Buddhist traditions.  During this talk, Peter described the setting and structure of the Sutta which contains 16 steps or stages leading to Awakening.  Future talks will focus more deeply into each of the 16 steps, emphasizing ways of understanding and applying each of the steps while meditating.

The explanation was followed by discussion among various participants who had some retreat practice regarding mindfulness of breathing, noting what they were able to experience.

Here are the notes prepared for the talk:  The Anapanasati Teachings

Here is a copy of the Anapanasati Sutta translated by Gil Fronsdal:  Anapanasati Sutta Fronsdal

Next week’s talk will cover Steps 1-4 of the 16 mentioned in the Sutta.