As exploration of the Anapanasati Sutta, the Discourse on Mindfulness of Breathing is reaching its completion, a section is dedicated to relating advanced stages of subtlety and discipline in breath awareness to the satipatthana, the four foundations of mindfulness.  In this talk, Peter reviews the 16 steps of the Anapanasati development to the attributes of the Four Foundations: mindfulness of the body, feelings, the mind and mind fabricators.  The highly cultivated stages of awareness of anapanasati are applied to increase internal sensitivity, the stability of attention and the ability to “depersonalize” those cetasikas (mind fabricators), preparing for the fulfillment of vipassana practice, the direct realization of anicca (impermanence), dukkha (distress and confusion) and anatta (the absence of an enduring and autonomous self).  This analytical process discussion was followed by comments from those attending the talk about their understanding of this practice.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  ANAPANASATI AND SATIPATTHANA

Next week’s talk will focus on the first of several discussions regarding the Seven Awakening Factors, which are described at the end of the Anapanasati Sutta.