The topic for this talk is Samadhi Bojjhanga, the Concentration Awakening Factor.  During the talk, the progressive stages of developing mindfulness of breathing to high levels of concentration were reviewed.  Peter described current debates about the difference between “Sutta Jhanas” and “Visuddhimagga Jhanas”, suggesting that the goal in cultivating jhana states is to heighten the coherence and potency of the Seven Awakening Factors towards Awakening, and that it is not necessary to master jhana practice to perfect the functioning of the Seven Awakening Factors.  The compound word samadhi/passadhi (concentration/tranquility) was presented as a workable parallel to the traditional access concentration as the platform for cultivating vipassana.  The developmental stages of samadhi are illustrated graphically in the accompanying notes prepared for the talk:


Here is another document downloaded from Leigh Brasington’s website providing an overview of the different approaches and understandings of jhana experience:  Interpretations of the Jhanas

Next week’s discussion will address the Equanimity Awakening Factor.