The Five Aggregates of Clinging are an important Buddhist concept that is useful in “deconstructing” the notion of an enduring autonomous self.  Peter reviewed a classic Buddhist simile, that of a chariot.  The term “chariot” is a useful concept in the construction and use of the vehicle; when does it stop being a chariot–through eliminating the wheels, the yoke, etc.?  Several times during the retreat Peter emphasized the importance of realizing what is called namarupa–nama referring to what is fabricated by the mind, rupa referring to the unprocessed sensory input that stimulates the mind’s fabrications.  Progress along the Path to Awakening requires clear mindful awareness of namarupa in order to reveal the fabricated nature of the self, to deconstruct the process through investigation of the process of selfing, much the same way as one might understand the process of fabricating a chariot.  This was followed by another question period to clarify understanding and the meditation practice of that day.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  THE FIVE AGGREGATES OF CLINGING