The process of Awakening is dynamic and cumulative.  Every time we mindfully note the emergence of a hindrance and return to the breath is a moment of Awakening, and every time we mindfully note the emergence of the Seven Awakening Factors (which include mindfulness in the form of breath awareness) the process of Awakening is matured.  Peter described two levels of this process:  Self-State Integration (which we can consider to be an ethical, balanced life fulfillment) and Self-State Liberation (which is the full development of Awakening, the experience of Nirvana).  The more one creates a balanced life and commits to persistent development of mindfulness through daily meditation that is integrated into every aspect of daily routines, the more likely one is to experience Awakening fully.  This is possible for a great many individuals, but requires training the mind in ways that are equivalent to world-class musicians, athletes, etc.  This explanation was followed by discussion to foster integrating these practices more fully into an Awakening lifestyle.

Here are the two sets of notes prepared for this talk:  SELF STATE INTEGRATION  SELF STATE LIBERATION