This talk focuses on the third topic of a series on the Three Characteristics: Anicca, Dukkha and Anatta.  Dukkha is the manifestation of craving and clinging to the misconception that there is an enduring and autonomous self.  This topical focus is represented by the first of the Four Noble Truths and reflects the fundamental characteristics of Dukkha: the distress that comes with inhabiting a body, the transient nature of reality and the confusion that is manifested by sankhara, (Those factors which condition one’s subjective experience, producing the illusion of an enduring and autonomous self).  Peter then emphasized the importance of direct experiential awareness of Dukkha from a perspective of dispassionate investigation to reveal the actions of sankhara and deconstruct the self.  This was followed by interested discussion regarding how to use vipassana practice to investigate and awaken from the influence of craving and clinging, thereby reducing Dukkha.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  Working With Dukkha

The focus of next week’s talk will be an in-depth exploration of tanha, translated as craving for pleasant experience or for unpleasant experience to be avoided or eliminated.