During this talk, Peter explained the value of each generation’s sincere investigation of what are called the Three Refuges:  Buddha, Dharma and Sangha in the context of current societal conditioning.  We do not live in a culture that largely supports monastic life, which was the case in India during the time of the historical Buddha and for many generations afterwards.  Retreatants were given two documents that offer updated references to the Five Precepts, and integral part of committing to the ethical values of Buddhist life.  Here are the documents provided:  A NEW APPROACH TO FOSTERING BUDDHIST PRINCIPLES  To Cultivate More Clear Awareness and Benevolent Intention

Retreatants were encouraged to contemplate these concepts and put them into practice during the retreat and afterwards to integrate them into their lifestyles.  APOLOGIES FOR THE DIMINISHED QUALITY OF THIS RECORDING AND THE NEXT ONE.  I HAD DIFFICULTIES WITH THE PRIMARY RECORDING DEVICE AND USED THE SECONDARY RECORDING; THE PRIMARY RECORDINGS RESUME FROM THE THIRD TALK THROUGH THE LAST RECORDING.