In order to realize the potential of vipassana practice, one must first identify the presence and effects of the Five Hindrances and cultivate ways to set them aside, cultivating Samadhi/Passadhi, Stable Attention/Tranquility.  The Hindrances were reviewed with an emphasis on the importance of cultivating mindfulness of breathing persistently through the practice of vitakka/vicara, aiming attention to the beginning of the in-breath/sustaining attention for the duration of the in-breath and then repeating this practice with the out-breath.  Peter then described how this fundamental practice matures into Dhamma Vicaya, Investigation of Mental Phenomena, one of the Seven Awakening Factors, the topic of another night’s discussion.  Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  PRACTICE NOTES FOR OVERCOMING THE FIVE HINDRANCES

The review was followed by a question and answer period for those seeking clarification of the topic.  THIS RECORDING IS NOT THE SAME HIGH QUALITY AS USUAL DUE TO PROBLEMS WITH THE PRIMARY RECORDER.  THE NEXT FOUR RECORDINGS ARE OF A HIGHER QUALITY.