One of the benefits of mindfulness of breathing meditation is the neutral feeling tone of the sensations stimulated as air moves in and out of the nostrils.  Another is the fact that this awareness is always focused on present-moment experience, whereas thought processes often create narratives that are trapped in fabricating recollections of the past or projections into the future.  This guided meditation provides occasional reminders of this reality of experience, with suggestions to notice the distress and confusion that accompanies the past- or future-oriented narratives, compared to the clarity and peacefulness of breath sensations.  It is also suggested that all sensations are facts of the present moment, whether they are body sensations, sounds, flavors, odors or visual in their nature.  These sensations are also present-moment phenomena whether they are pleasant or unpleasant in feeling tone, and there are suggestions during the meditation that facilitate also using this awareness beneficially, to interrupt the craving and clinging associated with self-talk regarding the past or future.