This guided meditation offers training to use mindfulness of breathing as a stabilizing point of reference, comparable to how an anchor attached to the bow of a boat anchors the hull in the current of a river in a streamlined way.  Attention is then directed to noticing the turbulence and drag that occurs when the mind becomes attached to a thought or mood that, like an object in the stream, bumps into consciousness.  meditators are encouraged to simple let go of attachment to the turbulence, focusing persistently on investigating the subtleties of breath awareness, which becomes very quiet and subtle, with barely any in- or out-breath.  Attention is finally directed to the subtle and ever-present expanse of consciousness unaffected by the turbulence of craving and clinging.  This is a very subtle phenomenon because it is so quiet and peaceful, but can be realized with enough practice.  The experience is expansive, seeming to be limitless in awareness.