The intersection between classic Buddhism and neuroscientific research is remarkable in how much the content of Buddhist concepts and the practice of meditation overlap with the development of highly sophisticated computer-driven technology.  This talk reviews the development of this research, much based on the interested support of the Dalai Lama and Western scientists such as Richard Davidson, whose use of contemporary technology provides the leading edge of understanding how to reshape the function of the brain and thereby alleviate the distress and confusion in the mind during these trying times.  The talk describes various areas of the brain that are benefited by regular meditation practice and an example is provided that describes how the process of mindfulness and neurological regulation operate.  The description is followed by questions from those attending.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  How Mindfulness Benefits The Brain

The topic for next week’s talk will be how Buddhist mindfulness and lovingkindness practices are applied to promote better mental health.  The presenter Peter has combined the principles and practices of Buddhism with contemporary psychotherapy throughout his career as a mental health professional since 1986.