This is a review of the second of the Five Hindrances listed among the contemplations of the Fourth Foundation of Mindfulness.  During the talk, the characteristics of aversion (rejection and withdrawal in the mind from unpleasant feelings) and Ill-will (a characteristic aggression that often accompanies aversion) are described.  Various forms of this hindrance, such as overt reactions (perhaps scratching an itch) or covert reactions (for example, passive-aggressive behavior) are reviewed.  Neurological underpinnings of the subjective experience of this hindrance are also reviewed.  Suggestions are offered as antidotes for this hindrance.  The talk is followed by comments from those participating in the Zoom meeting.

This talk can be supplemented with the “Guided Aversion and Ill-Will Meditation” posted on the same day and stored in the archive.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  Setting Aside Aversion And Ill Will

The topic for next week’s talk will be on the hindrance of Sloth and Torpor.