This talk is a review regarding how to identify the characteristics of thina-middha, the hindrance of sloth and torpor, one of the contemplations in the Fourth Foundation of Mindfulness.  This quality of diminished alertness and attention is in contrast to the fourth of the five hindrances, restlessness and worry, the topic of the next talk.  Sloth and torpor represent an overactive parasympathetic nervous system in the body, while restlessness and worry represent an overactive sympathetic nervous system function.  Various lifestyle issues that contribute to this hindrance are reviewed as well as ways to use diligent, mindful and clear knowledge of the flow of subjective experience to set its influence aside.  It is intended to be accompanied by “Guided Sloth And Torpor Contemplation”, recorded just prior to this talk on July 21, 2021, posted in the archives.

Here are the notes prepared for this talk:  Setting Aside Dullness In The Mind

The topic for next week’s review is the hindrance Restlessness And Worry.