Since we meet Wednesday evenings, one meeting each year occurs on Thanksgiving Eve, so we dedicate that time to provide opportunities for those participating to reflect on how Buddhist concepts and practices support the cultivation of gratitude, which I believe is closely aligned with Lovingkindness and Sympathetic Joy, two of the four Divine Abidings in Buddhism.  There are changes in volume during the talk, inevitable variations due to the challenges of recording both in-person and Zoom comments from participants.

Here are the notes prepared for the talk, including a questionnaire intended to prompt contemplation of the various ways gratitude might be focused: CONTEMPLATING GRATITUDE

The focus for next week’s meeting will be on the contemplation and nurturing of saddha (sah-dah), a Pali word translated as faith or confidence.  Buddhist faith is enhanced through direct internal investigation of the concepts and practices put forth by Buddhist practitioners over the centuries.